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Can You Find Me A Night Cream?

I’m religious about wearing moisturizer with SPF every day, rain or shine. As in, I can’t leave the house even to walk the dogs unless I slap some on first. Then I read that UV rays are stronger on airplanes … Continue reading

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Getting Into the Olympic Spirit With Moscow Mules

The Moscow Mule is perfect on a hot DC summer day, but it works just as well for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. And here’s my preferred formula, with five easy ingredients and one optional garnish: Moscow mule … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Dysfunction

Tolstoy famously declared that Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.  I suppose the same can be said for dysfunctional families. Mother’s Day brings to the forefront the particular brand of dysfunction my in-laws … Continue reading

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What Color is Your Parachute aka Which Cap Are You Like?

I could never resist these types of quizzes.  Maybe it comes from a lifetime of browsing women’s magazines, but yes, I want to know what type of shoe I would be, which Disney princess I would be, which tree I … Continue reading

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Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Psychosis

Some people can get by on a few hours of sleep, but I’ve never been that person.  I get cranky and pissy if I’m tired, and it’s gotten worse with age.  So a few years back, I asked my doctor … Continue reading

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