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Standing In Front Of Potbelly’s In The Green Dress

Now that football season has officially kicked off, so has a strange ritual in my world. No, I don’t mean standing around a parking lot, eating grilled food, drinking beers and making friends with strangers. Although the essence of tailgating, … Continue reading

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Hangover Cure?

The person who discovers a cure for the hangover will be a billionaire a million times over, so a gajillionaire squared? Scientists will tell us that hangovers exist to warn us about the dangers of over drinking, or to punish … Continue reading

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Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs!!

For the past few weeks – really since the MNF win over the Giants – my friends and I had been talking of the Redskins playoff hopes in whispers. Hushed tones so as not to tempt fate or disturb the … Continue reading

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Wishing I Had A Two-TV Thanksgiving

Clearly, the all-American thing is to have at least two cars – one for every driver in the family and then some – and as many TVs as you have adults + adolescents or maybe rooms. Alas, this one car, … Continue reading

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Is Peyton Heading to the Redskins?

Who knows, right? Just yesterday morning, the rumor of the day was that Peyton (Manning) was retiring – until Archie (Manning) dismissed it. But that’s not going to stop the rumor mill. And it seems every so often, I see … Continue reading

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