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We’re Still Who We Were in College, Just Exaggerated or More Polished Versions

This past weekend, G and I headed to Philadelphia where I went to my 25th college reunion, and he went to his 30th high school reunion. So strange to see people you haven’t seen in years, decades – and to … Continue reading

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First Time Was Great, This Is Going Well, But …?

Making new friends at any age can be tough. The first grader I read to has a sure fire way to make friends in 5 seconds. Wanna hear it, he asked? Sure: Hi, my name is Jay. What’s your name? … Continue reading

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Girlfriend Mashup

What happens when your college roommate crashes dinner with your current girlfriends? Awkwardness ensues? Bonding? A little of both? The more things change, the more they stay the same. So it’s not surprising that despite the different eras when I … Continue reading

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Planning An Adult Birthday Celebration (Not That Kind!)

Yes, adults celebrate birthdays. Even birthdays they really don’t want to mark. Especially those. Let’s face it: in some ways, the milestone birthdays are easier. You might not want to advance a decade, but everyone else wants an excuse for … Continue reading

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A Tranquil Sisters Weekend at Miraval

I’d forgotten how wonderful it feels to not have to worry about anything … at all. From getting on the plane at oh-dark-hundred to head off toward Arizona, to the shuttle ride where I took in the desert landscape and … Continue reading

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