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20 Years Later, Some Things Don’t Change

I’d been ambivalent about my college reunion and waffled on going to the very last minute. Oh, it would be fun to see people, but won’t it be depressing, too? Our lost youth and all that. Besides, I’ve never been a … Continue reading

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Coincidence … Meaningful? (part 1)

I joined Facebook about 18 months ago.   Mostly because a client in the online space hassled me to do it.  Okay, who am I fooling, it’s the only reason I did it.  Once on, of course, I became addicted. (who … Continue reading

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My life is a John Hughes movie

The question is which one. Am I Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink?  Well, I was never that good at sewing or social climbing. Maybe her in Sixteen Candles being overlooked. Ferris Bueller cutting class? Simple Minds is on the … Continue reading

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