One in Three Tourists Visits Copenhagen For The Food … So What Are The Others Doing?

It’s amazing to think that a small city on the Baltic has a record number of Michelin star restaurants. Is that reason enough to visit Copenhagen? Apparently, the answer is yes. And we’re not the only ones who think this way.

For years, we’d talked about trying to get a table at Noma. We’d even joked with other food friends about getting a reservation, then only after securing the table, finding a flight. But somehow it never happened. Maybe because the reservation system there is incredibly challenging. Or maybe because I wasn’t sure what else we would do in Copenhagen or when to visit or …. so many excuses. But with Noma closing at the end of February, when the opportunity for dinner there presented itself – even in deepest darkest February – we jumped.

Roasted Ant Covered Stick and Fruit Leather Atop Leaves at nova

Roasted-ant paste covered stick and leaf-shaped fruit leather atop leaves at Noma

So off we went for our food-focused long weekend. Verdict: there’s no problem with traveling to a place primarily – or even just – for the food. In fact, I’m not sure why we hadn’t done it before.

This happened: I ate sticks and leaves at Noma. Okay, more like food shaped into sticks and leaves served on top of (inedible) leaves. And ate the best grilled kale of my life. I’m still pondering how to make that happen on the backyard Weber …

We sampled other versions of Scandinavian cooking and tasted dishes from Noma alumni. We drank a little too much biodynamic wine for my taste. (Is that wine or is that juice?) But managed to snag a walk-in at a fun wine bar with amazing steak tartare.


That's a lot of bottles

We were awed by the bottled beer display at Carlsberg brewery, which definitely put my college collection to shame. We watched artists working with metal to create sleek jewelry.

And in between, we walked around the city, bundled up in hats and scarves, but otherwise learned about design and the history of Danish chairs.

I managed to learn where Zealand was and where exactly Copenhagen was situated in in Denmark. No mean feats.

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