RIP Monsieur Le Kindle

It’s been two days, and nothing. No word from lost and found. No email or voicemail that a Kindle e-reader with a leather green cover (with light) had been found in the seat back pocket of 11A on an American shuttle from LaGuardia to National Airport (or vice versa).

He’s gone.

I’m resigned. I’ve deactivated him. He joins Original Kindle in my Kindle graveyard.

It’s fitting that I lost Green Kindle on an airplane; I learned of Original Kindle at an airport. Logan Airport in Boston, on the shuttle back to DC after a week-long work trip. It was hot. I was sweaty, and the battery on my phone was dying. Despite my rigged charging case and constant plug-ins, my phone battery was moving ever quicker to the left. I was standing in line in the jetway, about to get on the plane, when I took my phone out to turn it off. That’s when I noticed the message.

Of course, the battery indicator was already dangerously red. The number wasn’t familiar, but the area code … maybe a client or contact trying to reach me? I listened to the message in the noisy jetway, and then quickly hit the call back button.

I’m on a plane home, but I got your message. Please don’t give my Kindle away. I’ll call you when I land. You can send my Kindle to the address on my business card.

Yes, those conference booth giveaways actually give things away.

I loved Original Kindle. I bought him a periwinkle rubberized back to keep from him from getting scuffs or dirt on the clean white surface. So light, so easy to read. No more weighing down my suitcase with heavy books. Now I could pack them on Original Kindle. I could buy things to read later – yep, still trying to work my way out of that backlog ….!

Thus, I entered a new relationship with reading, where I could take Original Kindle and my new library anywhere.

But Original Kindle had a flaw. Not a flaw, more a failing. He didn’t have a light. Reading in bed still meant getting up to turn the light off, or using a rigged light on the headboard.

G, jealous of Original Kindle, bought the newer version for himself. Then he tried to insinuate himself between me and Original Kindle. Your Kindle is so old, he would say.

In time, I gave in and acquired a new Kindle, and G bought me the green leather cover with pull out light. Original Kindle went to my mom, who tried e-reading, but preferred physical books. Original Kindle passed onto her neighbor’s daughter. I think a way for my mom to encourage the girl’s extra-curricular reading habits.

Kindle III

Kindle III

So now I have Kindle III – 300 dpi, built-in light and adjusts to low light situations. It can be linked to my Goodreads account and can access all my books on the cloud. Kindle III is lighter and only holds the books that I’m reading. So I’m not even weighed down by barely there e-books.

But oh, progress is painful.

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