Warm And Buzzy Dinner at Imperial PDX

You really can’t eat badly in Portland, can you? But eating really well?

I’d recommend Imperial downtown. It’s buzzy and fun, without being too hip or too full of itself. The food is excellent with great flavors, but not at all fussy or gimmicky. Service is knowledgeable and friendly. In short, a really wonderful dinner.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves … Fire roasted mushrooms and roasted smashed potatoes, the kinds of rich, well-flavored sides that

sides of wood grilled mushrooms, with amazing smokey flavors, and roasted smashed potatoes

Clams and grilled lamb skewers in its own broth, almost a stew. One of their more popular dishes, and I can see why. Definitely see why our server recommended a side of Parker house rolls for the broth. He did not steer me wrong.

server was right, this calls for a side of Parker house rolls

What is it about putting fresh ingredients into a wood-burning oven that brings out the flavors? It’s simple, but it’s not easy or everyone would achieve the same results at home. Here’s the flat iron steak, my second choice …


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