Girlfriend Mashup

What happens when your college roommate crashes dinner with your current girlfriends? Awkwardness ensues? Bonding? A little of both?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. So it’s not surprising that despite the different eras when I “friended” these three women, we shared a couple of things in common:

  • Politics – There was a polite probe of political persuasions, and then we quickly established our shared disdain for and dismay at Donald Trump. As one friend asked, you’re a Hillary person, right? Yep. That allowed us to bond. We were all politically active, although in different ways, and that shared outlook was a nice baseline. Shorthand about our general outlook.
  • Skincare – All the way on the other end of the feminist spectrum … but there it was. I probably wear more makeup than the other three combined, but we shared an avid interest in the state of our skin. And halting its … advance? I won’t say deterioration. Funny, we each identified different focal points – what about my crepe-y decollete? Okay, she didn’t use that word, she just motioned her hand across the top of her chest. Or neck, added another? or vein-y hands that belie the age of your face? Or lines here? Just an informal focus group that points to why cosmetic procedures are huge moneymakers and that whomever brings so-called second skin to the market will make a killing.
  • Books – I came away from dinner with a list of books to check out: Fin and Lady, City on Fire, among others. We talked about Fates and Furies, generally giving it a “must-try” rating. And what about the Elena Ferrante books? Jury’s still out … My three friends each belong to book groups; Not me. I am an avid, but solo reader. There’s actually a big overlap between the books that G and I read. While we both think that’s perfectly normal, we recognize that 1) many men don’t read and 2) most couples do not share book lists. On the flip side, it means that he and I read from a wider sampling of books than one would typically expect based on our age and gender.
  • Food and wine – Obvious, I guess, as we were enjoying the vibe and the dishes at DBGB, but I suppose not everyone likes food. Or wine. I feel sorry for those people.

Worlds collide; We survive.

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