Where To Dine in New York’s Theater District?

There’s really not much in the theater District by was of good food. It’s all the tourists. They are happy going to Red Lobster.   – Life-long New Yorker and regular theater-goer.

That might be true, but db Bistro Moderne, a few blocks from our theater, was the exception. In other words, a Theater District find.

Steak frites - yum!

Steak frites – yum!

When we got there at 6:00 pm, we were probably the last table in the early seating to show up. Unfortunately, that might also have explained our uncomfortable table at the front of the restaurant, near the door, on a record cold evening. Although that wasn’t even the issue for me. G and I were sitting in the corner, at right angles, so that my left knee touched his right. How romantic, you say? Except that being unable to move your legs at all – for fear of slamming into the table, the table leg or your date’s leg – well, that gets old quickly.

Next time, show up at 5:30 pm to get a choice of tables …

The three-course, pre-theater menu looked promising, but probably a bit too much food for me. I didn’t really need dessert. And the optionson the a la carte looked super-appealing. Mussels? How about the coq au vin with spatzeles?

Despite the cramped, I mean intimate seating, dinner was very solid. Sure, steak frites are a go-to option at many bistros. Then again, steak frites by Daniel Boulud taste a little more special, a little more flavorful. The hanger steak was purply-red in the center, tender, but with a nice mouth-feel, just the way I liked it. The frites were crispy, not soggy. The arugula fresh and spicy.

Veal melange

Veal melange

G’s veal special, with veal breast, sweetbreads, veal consomme and other goodies, looked equally yummy. Although clearly the lighter of our dinner entrees.

The wine selection was very reasonably priced, and there was a good choice of wines by the glass. Even better, you could chose a 5 oz glass or an 8 oz glass. Very nice if you don’t want to split a bottle of wine, or if you’re looking for something white and then something red. And a small, cute bar, too.

Bottom line: A good find in the Theater District. Yeah, I’m partial to Daniel Boulud’s food. And can’t beat the short walk – you know, to stretch out the legs.


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