Surviving Snow and Cabin Fever

Now that DC is mostly dug out, I can say this: I loved the snow days, but also was itching to get back … to work? out? about? All of the above? I guess there is only so much Netflix and chilling one can do … [Note to self: This does not bode well for eventual retirement!]

Does it say something that I was getting bored of drinking wine? Maybe it just means I need to refresh my cellar. BTW, I pretty sure I’m not the only one in this predicament. The extended break meant lots of alcohol consumption for many people – prior to shoveling, to fuel up for a hike in the snow, recovering from being outdoors, relaxing in front of the fire, as an accompaniment to home-cooked dinner, post-dinner, nightcap – you get the point. I would steer clear of liquor stores this weekend. While it’s tempting to replenish supplies, I’m guessing many people are in the same boat.

What else? Oh, I cooked. Made this veal stew, which was perfect for the weather, although it could have used more salt. Yep, amateur chef that I am, I didn’t season it enough. Still, that was a fun distraction, and a good dinner and lunch the next day. Despite the well-stocked refrigerator, it was 1) tempting not to constantly graze (and drink) and 2) I got a little bored of my own cooking after a while. I was craving ethnic takeout ….

I also took a shot at being semi-productive. I’m sure I could have cleaned the kitchen, as one friend did (saw her photo posted on Facebook), or get a head start on my taxes (no thank you!). I managed to get the laundry done, pull out some ancient sweaters for donation, pay bills, become depressed at how little money we have, then go through a pile of old magazines. I’ll count that as fairly productive.

Of course, plenty of football and binge watching silly TV series. Reading. Hanging out with the dogs, taking goofy pictures of the dogs, posting goofy pictures of the dogs on social, looking at everyone else’s photos of their dogs (and kids) playing in the snow.

I always joke that I need a good storm to hunker down and deal with all my vacation photos or reorganize my music or digitize all my recipes …. yeah, well, at least I’ll have a project for the next one!

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