Preparing For Snowpocalyse 2016

Is it clickbait? Or are we really getting a “historic” snowstorm in DC? Regardless, the first thing to do is make sure you are stocked up on essentials. No, I don’t mean milk and toilet paper, although those are important. I mean general groceries and booze. And I’m not sure that’s the right priority. After all, even if you’re not trapped in your house until the Spring thaw and the whole thing’s a bust, the metro-wide panic means that getting supplies will be all-but-impossible in the lead-up to the storm.

Hit the grocery store. A colleague at work learned this the hard way, as she tried to order from Instacart, only to be told all the slots were taken. Yep, it’s better to have too much food, than too little. I pretty much squatted a delivery spot with Peapod when I saw the forecast. As for what to pick up? Staples are key, but so is something hearty for a winter storm. In my case, I’m trying out a veal stew recipe … which takes me to …

Hit the liquor store. There’s nothing worse than being out of booze when you’re stuck at home. My friends with kids swear by this. But it’s true for everyone. You don’t want to be jonesing for a full-bodied red wine to go with your stew and have nothing in stock. If you prefer cocktails, it’s a good time to experiment, but make sure you have basics.

Line up at the hardware store. This one’s harder, and there’s generally more of a run on things. I stocked up on pet-friendly ice melt at the beginning of the year, just in case. Hoping I don’t run out.

Last year, I finally bought a nice (not cheap!) snow shovel, the ergonomic kind with the S-shaped handle. Only to have one of my lovely neighbors take it from under my porch to shovel or dig themselves out. If they had asked, the answer would be yes. Oh, and if only they had returned it! This year, I will be on the lookout – nice shovel, looks like the one someone borrowed last year and someone neglected to return …. (you think I’m kidding – I’m not!)

Frankly, that’s it. Living in the city, we aren’t really ever stranded. We’ve been pretty lucky actually, since we’ve been unlikely to lose power (knock on wood). The worse that’s happened is our DirecTV dish goes down during the height of the snow. Okay, so need to make sure iPad is charged and Internet is robust for Netflix

And we’re only a few blocks from restaurants and bars. How they stay open in the snow, I’m not sure. But there are worse things then hiking out to Connecticut Avenue or 17th Street to sample something that I didn’t cook myself.

Now, just waiting for the snow to start falling!


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