Milk Bar, DC’s New Wait-in-Line Dessert Place

IMG_0097G and I closed our recent feast at Momofuku with Milk Bar desserts. It was raining that evening, so the Milk Bar line was manageable. Even still, it’s nice to know we can get Milk Bar desserts – to enjoy at Momofuku as well as to go – without having to queue up.

The week before, a friend and I stopped by Milk Bar post-dinner at Centrolina. We hadn’t decided whether we would wait or not, but then decided, why not? We could continue to chat and catch up and together anticipate the sweets.

I’d say the entire wait was maybe 15-20 minutes? It’s hard to tell because we just kept chatting, and I lost track of time. As we entered Milk Bar and read through the menu, one of the staff came out. Unfortunately, there was a soft-serve machine fail. Argh.

So we turned to the cookies. We ended up consoling ourselves with compost cookies and corn cookies. Good thing G preferred the corn – tastes like cornbread – while I liked the compost better – love the combination of sweet and salty. I’m also intrigued by the crack pie … maybe next time?

Post-dinner, G and I decided to try out the cereal milk, which you can get in a to-go cup. Ok, but seriously, after sampling a good portion of the menu for dinner, did we need dessert? Not at all. Then again, we were at Momofuku, there was no line and … why not?

The cereal milk we shared was very good, and funny enough, the shell was a little harder than I would have expected. Probably to keep it from melting so fast. The buttery sweet cereal pieces pressed into the side added texture and crunch to the soft-serve, giving it the cereal feel.

IMG_0096Because we couldn’t bear for the experience to end, we took home birthday cake truffles to share another time. When we had them for dessert at home, we each ate one, noting: this is good.

Do you want the last one, asked G?

No, you can have it.

Good thing he took me up on my offer, because seconds later, the dog also smelled the flavors coming off the truffle bites. He started sniffing around trying to locate the scent. Alas, buddy, Momofuku desserts are not for doggies!



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