Hey, I Think That’s My Mug

I was feeling like tea on a crisp fall morning, so I headed into the office kitchen to grab my mug. The dishwasher had already been unloaded, so I went to the closet where the clean mugs lived. But my mug wasn’t there. I stood perplexed for a few minutes. Perhaps I had forgotten to put it in the dishwasher the night before? Did I take it home with me?

Then I saw a colleague standing at the coffee machine, filling up MY mug with her coffee.

What to do? It was too late to say something. She was already mixing up her morning coffee … I mean, I wasn’t going to demand she dump out the coffee and cede my mug.

IMG_0077But it was pretty clear that it wasn’t a communal mug, right? Our office has something like 15 or 20 mugs with our company name on them. Then there are a bunch of logo’ed mugs that are clearly from vendors or news organizations.

But a mug that says “Year of the Dog” with a Chinese character on it  …. I think most people get that that’s not a generic office mug.

Sigh. So now what?

Of course, I’ll snag the mug back tomorrow morning. Unless she keeps it.

Or I can take it home, wash it there and bring it back tomorrow morning.

Or I can take it home permanently and bring in a mug with my name or initial on it.

Or I can bop by and say something: heyyyyy, what’s going on? Oh! So *that’s* where my coffee mug is!

Or just get to work before her so I can snag my mug before she tries to claim ownership of it!


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