Fun Small Plates at Tico

Have you been to Tico yet, a friend and fellow food lover asked a few weeks ago. Er, I was embarrassed I hadn’t heard of Tico. Yikes!

We went on a Sunday on the early side, at 7 pm and the place was fairly empty. By 8 pm, it was almost full. And it’s a large space, too, a “double” space with another dining room on the other side of a room divider.

Overall, the food was very good, and it was very fast. I don’t know if that was because the kitchen wanted to get the dishes out before the 8 pm rush, or if it’s always like this. No complaints from us. Just allowed us to order two more dishes after our main order.

Of course, that may be part of the strategy. Prices are reasonable and both the kitchen and service are efficient. So they can keep the full dining room of folks happy, eating and turning over. Not a bad thing at all.

Among our favorites:

Heirloom tomatoes with cabrales blue

Heirloom tomatoes with cabrales blue

Homemade chorizo

Homemade chorizo










Fun place and friendly to all ages. We saw a mom pacing with her baby while she nibbled on her food, an older couple, and groups of all different ages.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, from the windows open onto 14th Street, to the friendly yet efficient service. A good addition, especially on a nice fall evening.


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