Scotland in Ten Days

Scotland has been on our list for ages, but I’ve always been dubious about the food. (It actually turned out to be quite good) Then there’s the challenge of figuring out just where to go (Tougher). And how to get there (Unfortunately, much driving). We’re not big drivers, and I’m not sure there’s another way to cover the remote areas.

I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to the Orkney Islands. You know, to see where Sir Gawain was born. But that’s quite a way from, well everywhere else in Scotland, isn’t it?

So when our friends also talked about going to Scotland as well, it seemed a joint trip might be in order. Where to go …

We landed in Glasgow, got in the rental and started up the west coast, with a quick stop in Oban, then along the lochs at the Great Glen. Next, we headed to Isle of Skye to see rugged scenery, then over to Inverness and the Highlands. More time there needed.

Finally, back to Edinburgh.

view across the loch (that we just crossed)

view of the loch (that we just crossed)

Of course, it wasn’t enough time to see “everything” and hindsight being 20-20, I would have liked to spend another day in Inverness and maybe another in Edinburgh. But then that would have meant cutting out Skye and the rock formations, the view of the islands from a sailboat …So having done Skye, I probably wouldn’t do it again – may Orkney instead?

In any case, I think this means a return visit to Scotland is in order.

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