Romantic Evening at Chez Billy Petworth

You’re operating in Petworth?

And why not? It’s not that far to travel for good French food. And like others in DC, I have a disproportionate interest in French cuisine.

Chez Billy certainly is worth the short Uber (x) ride.

Bar at Chez Billy, fun and atmospheric

Bar at Chez Billy, fun and atmospheric

It’s cute and romantic, with nicely spaced tables. In other words, you aren’t accidentally listening in to the conversation at the table next to yours, which happens all too often these days. {Awkward} You can actually enjoy your dining companion and your own private conversation.

The food was very good. In comparison to other French bistros, I would say better than Le Diplomat (which I consider to be Disneyland style French bistro) and on par with my standby Bistrot du Coin. not as good as Bistrot Lepic. Then again, I consider Bistro Lepic to be one more step toward fine dining than the others in this group. And DBGB? I guess that’s a bistro as well? But not really. That’s modern French, all glass and lights.

My duck confit was wonderful. This from a person who didn’t order duck voluntarily until a few years ago. (I would only eat it as part of a pre-set tasting menu). It was wonderfully salty and fell off the bone.

I also liked the wine list and the focus on (wait for it) French wines, particularly heartier wines of the Rhone region. Perfect for the January weather and the food.

And Petworth? Every time I go outside of my usual neighborhoods in DC, I’m pleasantly surprised at what I find. And Petworth was no different. I hadn’t been in a while, and couldn’t believe how much more had sprung up in the meantime. Look, there’s a huge Capital Bikeshare right on Georgia Avenue now. Need I say more?

So both Petworth and Chez Billy worth a visit. Get the duck confit. Or better yet, let me know how the steak frites compare to your favorites.


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