Hangover Cure?

The person who discovers a cure for the hangover will be a billionaire a million times over, so a gajillionaire squared?

Scientists will tell us that hangovers exist to warn us about the dangers of over drinking, or to punish us. Agreed. That said, they don’t (generally) succeed in keeping us from overindulging again.

But a cure for a hangover, or a mitigator … well, that could be as valuable as an effective anti-aging cream.

Though science disappoints, that doesn’t stop people from trying. Whether it’s water and Advil after or a teaspoon of olive oil before, what won’t we try?

So what have I tried? A friend recommended Code Blue, which I swore by for ages, until they changed the formula. Did the 3000 times recommended daily intake of vitamin B or C work? Or was it a placebo? Who knows? Not me.

For a short while, I tried coconut water. Not as good as fresh coconut from Brazil where a man machetes off the top, but, it seemed to help. Again, maybe placebo.

Recently, another friend recommended a totally sketchy patch. Now I’m infusing something directly into my body? It’s just vitamins, right?

So I’ve tried it, but I haven’t really tested it.

IMG_0081Until now. Opening day of the Washington NFL season (aka Redskins, although I am making a concerted effort to refrain from using the term). It’s an all day event, starting at 9 am, with the game kickoff at 1, and then a post-game (?), that gets me home around 5 or 6.

Did the patch work? Hard to tell.

I didn’t have a hangover. That said, I felt horribly ill that night – like I’d overindulged and just needed a cleanse. Oh wait, I *did* overindulge. There were burgers and sausage at the tailgate, chips, salsa, guacamole and plenty of beers. Then chicken fingers and fried (wolfed down in about 3 minutes flat) along with more beers at the game. Then the post-game chocolate chip cookies (delicious!) and brownie bites …

More recently, I used a B1 patch on a multi-bottle wine night out. Here I felt very sluggish the next morning, and I had a headache. Likely the same headache I had before I went out – fall allergies and all. So again, inconclusive.

So maybe the B1 patch prevents hangovers, but it doesn’t help with the overindulgence.


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