Restaurant Summer Breaks Coinciding With August Birthdays … Sigh

We eat out a lot. Probably too much.

The problem? When it comes to special occasions,

  1. We’re jaded, i.e., we’ve been there before or that’s a great place for a Friday night, but not a birthday Friday night
  2. We’re left with hipster no-wait places we want to try, but who wants to risk a no-wait evening for a birthday or anniversary celebration
  3. We end up somewhere expensive but kinda lame.

One of my few successes has been dinner with two other couples, so celebrating dinner out without specifying it’s a birthday dinner. Did I mention that part, that G hates his birthday?

This year, this year, I would get ahead of the game. We would go back to Cityzen at the Mandarin Oriental. I had heard good things about Cityzen from different people, all whose tastes I respected.

We hadn’t been to Cityzen since it first opened. Last time, if memory serves, I thought it a bit too New York in Washington, i.e., pretentious Washingtonians trying to be New York cool. (Of course, being New York cool means not caring so much, or being studied in not caring, but secretly caring.) But word on the street was the food was wonderful, and the service attentive without being overbearing.

Alas, Cityzen is closed from August 25 – September 11 for break.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve been hit by a late-August restaurant closure. It’s happened several times before. And then there was the unexpected call from Palena a few years back that they had a structural emergency and would be closed unexpectedly …

Yes, restaurant staff deserves a vacation, but does it always have to be the end of August? Those poor August birthday celebrators …

So where does this leave me? Why looking for suggestions of course!

Right now, thinking Blue Duck Tavern. Always an excellent choice, although it’s more a Friday night date than a birthday date (to me, at least – as I said, we’re jaded)

Restaurant Eve in Alexandria. People love it. We haven’t been in close to 10 years, and the last time, the foie gras supplement which was delicious, ruined the rest of dinner for me. I dressed poorly for such a rich meal. The flared halter dress allowed plenty of room for my stomach to expand for all nine courses, alas, the tight bodice meant the food had a hard time traveling down. And it was pre-Uber, so we bounced home uncomfortably in a cab.

Another friend suggested Obelisk in Dupont. Again, I haven’t been there in years, but I remember liking the food and the romantic atmosphere. Then again, we’ve been doing a lot of Italian lately – not that one can eat too much good Italian food (!)

As I said, looking for suggestions …

*Update: I have since called Komi – even though reservations for the month open on the first of the month (by phone only between noon and 4 pm), I *might* squeak in? Alas, Komi is on summer break from August 26 – September 9).

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2 Responses to Restaurant Summer Breaks Coinciding With August Birthdays … Sigh

  1. mermanjoseph says:

    Mintwood Place — although it’s not “special” feeling, very casual atmosphere, but delicious!

    • audsanns says:

      I like Mintwood! Problem: last time we went, it was only so-so, not sure if it was off night, the company or maybe we were having an off night!

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