Dining Al Fresco at Casa Lucca, Almost Like Tuscany

It was almost like sitting in the main square in Sienna, sipping a Tuscan red, enjoying antipasti and fresh pasta.

Misto of cured Italian meats

Misto of cured Italian meats

Except we were sitting on 12th Street in downtown Washington, DC, on an unnaturally cool Saturday. So it was almost like Italy.

Casa Luca, the casual sibling of Fiola and Fiola Mare, trumped both in terms of experience. The food was as good as Fiola Mare – though the view wasn’t even close. Then again, at 1/3 the price or less, I’ll take Casa Luca, even with the occasional car driving by or the family of tourists strolling along the sidewalk …

The Vini in Bottiglia wine special, a curated selection of Tuscans at $12 per glass or $28 a bottle, is unbeatable. The Maialina, a fruity Tuscan with backbone, went wonderfully with the food – rustic Italian wine with rustic Italian food – particularly in the coolish summer weather.

But visit Casa Luca soon. Despite everything the place has going for it, the location is just a bit odd, and just that much out of the way. So as much I enjoyed its predecessor in that location, Againn, apparently it wasn’t enough to keep the place in business …


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