Whimsical Art Installations Amidst A Brazillian Botanical Fantasy

An exhibition or a building housing exhibitions?

Mondrian meets VW bugs

Mondrian meets VW bugs

On our off day in Belo Horizonte, i.e., non-travel, non-World Cup game day, we decided to forego the usual tour of nearby colonial Ouro Preto, in favor of Inhotim, a 275 acre botanical garden featuring contemporary artists. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we loved it – both the grounds themselves, with ponds, orchids and monkeys, as well as the buildings. And the art. Some of it was incredibly strange, but almost all of it was interesting … and it was refreshing and stimulating to spend time with and among the installations.

My favorite might have been Cristina Inglesias and her Alice-in-Wonderland-like mirrored garden maze on a path in the middle of the woods ….

Cristina Inglesias exhibition

Cristina Inglesias exhibition


I also enjoyed the musical art. What a strange term, right? One of the artists took a piece written for Elizabeth I (yes, from the late 1500s) and recorded each voice in the choir separately then placed the individual speakers representing each voice in the gallery. Sitting in the middle of the gallery, surrounded by the speakers, you have the experience of hearing a choir in a church. Walking in front of each speaker, you hear one crisp voice and truly appreciate the individual tones (and silences) that together make up the beautiful music.

My only complaint – I wish some of the art had been available for purchase or that there was more information on how to purchase their works. Not that I have room for something like this in my yard.

 Girders artfully set in concrete

Girders artfully set in concrete

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