Help, My Rabbit Died?

What did we do before the invention of the rabbit?


I suppose we all used regular, restaurant-style corkscrews to open up bottles of wine?!?!?! Some claim it’s the best way to open a bottle. Personally, I find corkscrews imprecise and time consuming. Annoying. In short, a deterrent.

Has anyone studied whether home wine consumption increased with the introduction of lever-style wine openers? Coincidence? I think not.

I will confess: this is the second rabbit that we’ve killed. Yes, rabbits can indeed die. I thought the first one must have been defective, but after asking around and doing some research, the consensus seemed to be that each rabbit was good for about 2,500 bottles of wine. Seems like a lot, until I did the math – Tuesday night bottles, neighbors over for a drink after work bottles, cocktail party bottles, special occasion bottles, holiday bottles  (DC’s definitely a wine-loving town)  … multiplied by the years we’d had the opener and …. yeah, that’s about right. So, I replaced the teflon coated worm, and we were good again.

Eventually, we bought a new one, but this one seems to have worn through even faster. Planned obsolescence? Accelerated use? Time flying by when you’re having fun? Likely, all of the above.

And this rabbit died at the most inconvenient of times: G was going out of town for a few days. How would I enjoy my wine?

Clearly, I’m not confident in my corkscrew-using skills. There are the screwtops of course, but I liked the option of selecting a wine, for the wine, not for the seal.

In the end, a friend intervened for one bottle – we were having a pre-dinner drink and it seemed natural to ask her to open it for us. Then I spent quality time digging for another and finally located the old wine opener, an Alessi, a stylized woman whose arms popped the cork out. It was a gift that had been relegated to the basement, but came oh-so-in-handy. Thank you, mysterious benefactor!

No need for ongoing concern. A new one came the other day – We’re good for another 2,500 bottles or so. Cheers!



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1 Response to Help, My Rabbit Died?

  1. mermanjoseph says:

    I was a little nervous by your title…nice hook. 😉

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