A Spring Ode to Winter

Spring is here. Finally!!!

But one final note about winter. What’s to miss about winter, you ask?

Snow days. Come on, those were kinda nice. Especially the unexpected ones. Example: the last one, Monday March 17, totally snuck up on me. Exhausted from the weekend, grouchy about the work week, only to have G wake me up with a “you can go back to bed, we have a snow day.” And I did! How great was that?

A hearty red wine. A Cote du Rhone, Washington syrah or something else suitably hearty and red, perfect for warding off the chill. Sure, I drink red year round, but it’s not quite as enjoyable on a hot sunny day as a cold one.

A roaring fire. Every year, I promise that we will make more fires. And every spring, I regret that I didn’t. There’s something just soothing and comfortable about the warmth of a fire crackling away.

Deep berry or true red lipsticks. You can wear sheer variations in spring and summer, but a richly-colored lip looks perfect in the winter, against luxe winter textures (velvet, cashmere, leather) and shades (black, wine, midnight blue, plum).

The perfect coat for every occasion. A black motorcycle jacket, a throwback leather bomber, a tiered Victorian coat for a night out, an elegant top coat, a car coat, a mid-length coat with military buttons and piping (as G says: you look like a marionette). Note: I do not mention the puffer aka the stadium coat. While those come in handy, I won’t really miss them.

Not shaving your legs. Sorry gents, but it’s true. That’s what tights are for.

But on to bare (shaved) legs and pastels! And allergies and tourists. And spring!

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