Can You Find Me A Night Cream?

I’m religious about wearing moisturizer with SPF every day, rain or shine. As in, I can’t leave the house even to walk the dogs unless I slap some on first.

Then I read that UV rays are stronger on airplanes – you’re closer to the sun, in the thinner atmosphere, and the plane itself offers some protection, but not enough – so now I put on heavier duty SPF moisturizer before I get on a flight.

Imagine my dismay that I’ve been unable to convince G to use SPF or moisturizer, basically ever. I couldn’t even get him to use a facial cleanser. Maybe once he asked to use mine. I gave him a Neutrogena, thinking it wouldn’t be too intimidating and he might even stick with it. I put it on his shelf, hoping. Alas, he never used it again. At least not that I could tell.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. G asked me about “product,” seemed to listen (!) and then started to use my Clarisonic Mia.

I guess that wasn’t enough because over dinner with friends, he broached the topic, asking our friend Jeff, a proud product user, about his skincare regime. Jeff was only too happy to indulge, launching into a detailed outline of his regimen, including custom razors and skin shaving oil. It must be working because his skin looked taut, dewy, generally terrific. And it turns out he might use even more potions than I do. Maybe.

That led straight to a visit to the Kiehl’s section of the Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s, where G walked away with a facial cleanser, facial fuel (with SPF 15) and a shaving lotion.

But I guess even that wasn’t enough, because now G’s asked me to find him a night cream.

Eye or face, I ask.

Face. Pause. Then maybe eyes later. First things, first.

I try to contain my excitement and start rummaging across my makeup table.

No! I want my own, not one of yours, he says.

Oh-kay. I sit him down and slowly talk to him about sampling before you buy. Technically, I explain in a soothing voice, you should try out products first – if you can. So see how your skin reacts before you buy a big bottle or jar.

He’s somewhat puzzled, resistant even, because he wants an easy solution, not a drawn out process. Or maybe he doesn’t really understand what I’m saying.

How about this, I try again. This time more slowly. We’ll both use a couple different products, each one for a few days, then discuss how we like them and how they compare.

Yes, this is my dream come true. I love that I can talk shoes and clothes with the hub, but if we can chat product, then … ah, approaching nirvana ….

So far, we’re starting easy. I don’t think he needs anything too hard core. So no La Mer or anything – yet. Nothing too girly, so no mainstream department store brands. But n othing too “bro” either, so no Jack Spade (yet). Something more gender neutral, more all-purpose. Now that I think about it, I might find a new option for me.

Last week, we started with Kiehl’s, keeping him on the same product line.

This week, t think we’re moving to L’Occitane angelica face cream which I added to my rotation and I like.

Then maybe Bliss Youth As You Know It? I’ve had mixed results, liking some of the line, but not the others. Worth a try though.

Thinking Skinceuticals or Remede next? Aesop? (Okay, stop.)

We’ll see how he does. Of course, I don’t want to seem too pushy … might scare him away. And I wouldn’t want that!

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