A Tranquil Sisters Weekend at Miraval

I’d forgotten how wonderful it feels to not have to worry about anything … at all.

From getting on the plane at oh-dark-hundred to head off toward Arizona, to the shuttle ride where I took in the desert landscape and the low, dust-colored shopping centers, office parks and homes as I sipped my chilled bottle of water and scanned the activity guide, I was slowly shedding my everyday concerns. Maybe the sheer distance drove home that message. Certainly the fresh juices that greeted us at the resort helped.

Fountain oasis in the middle of the desert

Fountain oasis in the middle of the desert

I’d heard great things about Miraval – from friends with discerning and demanding taste, no less. But I was still somewhat skeptical. I loved the idea of pampering – what girl doesn’t – but I was a bit worried about how I was going to pass all that time. You know, relaxing sounds great, but three days of doing nothing? Yikes.

Oh, did I mention I was going with my sister, my mom and my aunt?

Of course, I love my family, and we were looking forward to celebrating my mom’s big birthday … Still, the idea of spending so much “free” time (read: potential for discord) seemed a bit worrisome.

Well, Miraval was as wonderful as advertised. It was relaxing, it was beautiful. Most of all it was easy. Everything was effortless. It was so nice just to let go and allow yourself to be comfortable, to be taken care of. I’d underestimated how refreshing that would be.

What did I love?

  • Morning stretch class looking out at the mountains
  • Trying out the freshly-squeezed juices and custom smoothies at the snack bar – anytime between 6 am and 2 pm
  • Snacking on fresh berries from the breakfast and lunch buffets
  • The perfectly balanced, healthy and delicious entrees, composed of 1/3 protein, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 carbs (so our friendly server informed us in a soothing voice)
  • My wonderful featherbed and fluffy down comforter that swaddled me in lightness and warmth (available at the spa store for, alas, more than I’m willing to pay)
  • Sitting in the Arizona sun, reading my book and enjoying the fresh air and soothing sounds of trickling water from the fountain and streams
  • Relaxing in the whirlpool in the women’s locker room and then baking myself dry in the sauna – then doing it again
  • Enjoying a glass of wine (alcohol not included in the packages) while sitting in front of a roaring fire
  • Happening on hummus, fresh vegetables, flatbread and cheese in the lounge in the late afternoon, just as I was starting to get a tiny bit hungry
  • Hiking around the property and seeing a deer hidden beneath the tree branches
See if you can find the deer

See if you can find the deer

Oh, the no cell phone policy. How wonderful is that?!?! To be truly disconnected (except for in your room and in the lobby).

And I haven’t even mentioned the rightfully famous spa where I was massaged, wrapped, scrubbed, oiled and generally pampered beyond belief.

Best of all, my mom loved it. It was so great to see someone who has spent her life taking care of others be the one taken care of. That was certainly the best, most enjoyable part of the getaway.


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