Fun Neighborhood Vibe at Shaw’s Tavern

Are you here for the band?

Uh, no ….?

Oh good. We have a table in the back for you. Follow me.

And thus the host led us to a table near the kitchen at Shaw’s Tavern. We dodged around a long table filled with hipsters, i.e., white guys in their late 20s/early 30s with facial hair, wearing expensive, but broken in jeans and flannel shirts. We wended our way around small tables covered in drink glasses and plates of better than average looking bar food and buzzing conversation, past the table of three women wearing lace tops and a couple other groups, and squeezed into our high table with swiveling seats.

The front of the restaurant seemed to be more of the bar, while the back seemed to be more of the restaurant, although everything melded into one. It was a cold, rainy January weekend, but the place was packed, and everyone looked like they were having a good time. My guess is the patrons were all locals, some looked to have arrived straight from work. We were likely the only visitors, having Ubered across town to check out a new-to-us place and a different neighborhood.

Across Florida Avenue, there seemed to be a party, as we watched a steady stream of young men wearing skinny dark pants or jeans and button down shirts go into one of the row houses. Either Mormons or gay dudes, remarked our friend.

IMG_0004_2Bottom line, we enjoyed Shaw’s. The food was good – not fancy, but good basics. My pizza, for example, was delicious and really hit the spot. The drinks were creative and fun, although my Moscow mule was fine, not great – it came in a mason jar, not a copper mug, after all. That said, I’m picky about Moscow mules … (and happen to think mine are better than most)

Our server was terrific, and she wasn’t afraid to banter with our table of slightly drunk yuppies. She even showed us photos of her dog, when we were yammering on about ours. Didn’t seem to faze her in the least.

So if you find yourself nearby, I’d say stop in for a drink and a bite. Take in the scene and remark how DC has changed in the past few years, while sipping your craft beer or cocktail. Cheers!

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