Good Casual Fare and Drinks at Baby Wale

Longest bar in DC? So says Baby Wale

Longest bar in DC? So says Baby Wale

Each time we drive by the Convention Center area, I’m impressed by the changes to the area – more restaurants and shops, beautiful looking new condo buildings, renovated row houses and still, ongoing construction seeming to promise more. This past weekend, we decided to try out the area’s newest addition, Baby Wale, the new bar right next to Corduroy. (Get it, wale? Corduroy? Cute, huh.)

We weren’t sure what to expect, but liked the initial look – open, industrial, unpretentious. A very long bar that seemed to stretch the entire width of the city block, bar stools nicely spaced out, people in shorts and flip flops, as well as ladies out for the weekend.

We’d made a reservation (just in case), so sat at a table next to an exposed concrete wall – kinda like our under construction room upstairs, noted G. We were happy with the beer and wine selections, and G was thrilled to see a cider from California on the menu. I tried a South African white.

There were a handful of casual food choices, sandwiches, salads and snacks, all looked to be good accompaniments to the drinks. I wanted to try the roasted chicken for two since we’d always enjoyed Tom Power’s cooking. Our server told us the chicken would take 40 minutes, which was fine by us. We didn’t have anywhere to go. In fact, we split the eggrolls in the meantime.

Crisp, spicy egg rolls to accompany our drinks

Crisp, spicy egg rolls to accompany our drinks

Our service was friendly, if a tad leisurely. Our server kept an eye on us, but he had quite a few tables under his care. The tables were well-space, so good for conversation, yet the entire atmosphere was lively and social. We didn’t mind waiting, and enjoyed the laid back vibe.

I’d switched to a red wine when our chicken arrived. Good choice, because the chicken was rich, brown and perfectly roasted, wonderful with a heavier red.

What can I say? The chicken was delicious. Made me weep with envy;  mine never tastes that good – juicy and moist – or looks so beautifully browned. That alone is a reason to go to Baby Wale.

And as the Caps season kicks off in a few weeks, we’ll be back to see how the place is before of after games. Another good addition to the area.

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