Impromptu Dinners Can Be Tough To Come By, But Oh-So-Fun

Every year we say, “We want to do more spontaneous things,” and then we’re off in a flurry of activity only to tire ourselves out very quickly. This year, we seem to have been joined by a few like-minded companions in said quest … It started off with a list.

Choices, choices at Drafting Table

Choices, choices at Drafting Table

I tossed out a few places to try along with some cryptic notes:

  • Maybe we go Mike Isabella again?
  • Drafting Table on 14th is very casual, but could be fun.
  • Nearby there is The Pig, which G& I have tried, and liked.
  • We just went to Table on 9th & N, which was fun and hipsterish.
  • Azur in Penn Quarter, same owner as Table, focus on seafood.
  • Also, heard great things about Mintwood Place.


Since that email to friends in mid-July, G and I have had a planned spontaneous evening (yes, that’s an oxymoron) of drinks at Drafting Table while waiting on our table at Pearl Dive across the street. I sipped abbey ale, listened to a late 80s Pandora station curated by our bartender and watched the Nats on TV and the crowd outside run from the rain. If DC had a dive bar, this could be it. A fun, laid back place to pass the time.

Pearl Dive's fried soft shell crabs

Pearl Dive’s fried soft shell crabs

There was also a (planned) dinner at Mintwood Place where one of our party begged off at the last minute, and we found a day-of fourth. So I think this counts as spontaneous.

Because of the searing heat and humidity (could that be why our friend wasn’t feeling well and stayed home?), G and I took a taxi to go up the hill to Adams Morgan – the height of laziness. Alas, I had the taxi let us off at Mintwood Place, forgetting that the restaurant was actually further up the block. Cue minor heart attack when I thought I’d gone to the wrong place, but all was well. Food there was great. Wine selection reasonable and eclectic. What could be better?

This past weekend, we topped the spur of the moment charts. Seriously. Our friends E&I texted us mid-Saturday afternoon and at 8:00 pm, we walked up the stairs of Azur (formerly America Eats, formerly Minibar and Cafe Atlantico) and sat down to dinner.

photo[12]Azur affirmed many truths: Few things are more enjoyable than good friends sharing good food and good conversation. Oh yeah, add in a few gin drinks and you’re really going to have a fun time. Corollary: there’s a reason gin was called the devil’s brew by Victorian teetotalers. But as one of our friends notes, it’s soooo good.

It’s also fun to be spontaneous every once in a while … until it’s not.

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