The Mothership in Columbia Heights Might Be Calling Your Name

For a dinner date with friends, we decided to try Mothership in Columbia Heights, checking out a “new” neighborhood and a different flavor. Our verdict: a fun neighborhood place with good food, friendly service, good (strong) drinks, made even better with the cooperative weather which allowed us to sit at the picnic tables outside.

Our friends who live in Alexandria drove, but G and I had to plan transportation to Columbia Heights, which turned out to be quite easy. He came from downtown and zipped up the Green line, then walked four blocks down Georgia Avenue. I was running late and called an Uber cab. Still, it was easy to get to, and on the drive over I was struck by the cute restaurants we passed and the new apartments and refurbished row houses.  Going out in Columbia Heights a few times a year, I am surprised each time by how much the area changes.

As for Mothership, they were hosting something called Feast of the Beast inside, and despite the tasty sounding pork dishes on the menu, they had plenty of vegetarian options. The menu was loaded with fresh, seasonal ingredients and offered dishes with a Latin interpretation.

We shared a few appetizers of meat and veggie patties, as well as a marinaded octopus and seafood salad. All accompanied by super fresh salads, which even G enjoyed:

Mothership appetizers

Mothership appetizers of patties and seafood salad

Mofongo - fried platains

Mofongo – fried green plantain

Meanwhile, our server was friendly and attentive, even if she couldn’t quite describe what mofongo was. No worries, that’s what the Internets is for. And we decided to try it. Verdict? It tasted like potatoes, home fries, to be specific. With shredded pork product mixed in, topped by a spicy mustard. What’s not to like?

Unless you don’t like mustard, like G. Oh well, his loss meant more for the rest of us.

And on a beautiful early summer evening, we chatted and ordered more drinks. My choice? The Mule, which tasted like a cool, refreshing, lightly flavored ginger soda. In reality, it was vodka-based and packed a punch. Not that I was complaining.

I really liked my main course, a light herbed gnocchi on a bed of perfectly cooked leeks (how did they get their leeks cooked so perfectly, just barely cooked, still crunchy and delicious) along with fresh mushrooms and herbs.

herbed gnocchi

herbed gnocchi

Good food, perfect weather, good conversation with friends, all fueled by well-mixed cocktails. Ah, if only every DC evening could be so pleasant.

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