Fresh Mediterranean Flavors at Fig & Olive – Even Better in Summer?

I was at a loss for where to eat during our annual pilgrimage to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show … until I read an article on 20 somethings eating lovacore on a Tuesday. Yeah … aspirational dining – I mean living. But when we show up in NYC on a Monday night in February, I guess we can (try to) swing it.

So we checked out Fig & Olive, which wasn’t really on my radar. That said, thumbs up. Although I bet it’s even better on a warmish Spring evening, low in humidity, where you’re still radiating warmth from a sunny day.

Fig & Olive bread starter

Fig & Olive bread starter

I was a skeptic, but I loved the olive oils and the flavors. Cliched, but true, some of the food reminded me of a sunny evening in the Mediterranean …

I’m not a bread person, but the three flavors of olive oil – rosemary, unidentifiable (to me) herb and a cinnamonish or clove flavor.

For our first course, well, I could have eaten an entire week off the choices … we did the selection of mixed olives which were meh. Underwhelming. Disappointing.

The crostini and crudo – where the anchovy shined and the others were good, but maybe lacking a tiny bit something. The crudo of fluke was a stage for the salt, a burst against the raw fish.

Crostini & Crudo

Crostini misto & fluke crudo

For my main, I chose salmon. I know. Banquet food. But perfectly cooked, not heavy or greasy at all. In fact, kind of bland. But in a good way. With wonderful sides and sauce.

Salmon with wilted spinach salad in a warm olive oil dressing (yum)

Salmon with wilted spinach salad in a warm olive oil dressing (yum)

The standout though, had to be the dessert crostini … cherries … cream (not too rich) and crunch, perfect microgreens, pistachio …

Dessert crostini

Dessert crostini

Yeah, this would be a great meal … particularly on any May evening.

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