Knuble Back in Town For Caps Second Home Win

Knuble returns to Washington

Knuble returns to Washington

Sure, the Caps have been playing better lately, but it’s wins that count. And at 1-5-1 going into Friday night’s game against the Flyers, things weren’t looking good.

But it’s still early(ish) in the Oates regime and also in the season. Although the short season makes every win really count. And for a team still finding its way and forging its identity, time is the not our friend.

The game was sloppy, with the two biggest moments the fight between Hendricks and Rinaldo, and Backstrom’s breakaway opportunity. Until the Caps finally broke through and ruined Knuble’s homecoming.

Backstrom was terrific, and the Caps made the timely plays that Oates preaches. Ovi seemed more like his old self, and Holtby was a bit sporadic, but solid.

The Caps ended the night by saluting the fans, sticks held high, gathered at center ice. A very nice gesture to loyal – and still hopeful – fans. Now onto Sunday and the Pens.

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