Ulah Bistro Won’t Leave You Hungry or Broke

What do you want to do for dinner? The age old question in our household.

Sometimes, I think we live Chopped – what random items are in the pantry and refrigerator and what can we do with them? Of course, we usually don’t incorporate jelly beans or gingerbread house into our meal. More often, we go to our drawer (or bookmark) of takeout menus. Or to the usual suspects.

Except that starting out the new year, I’d like to break out of the comfort zone. Try something different or go somewhere that’s fallen off the rotation and see how it is.

That’s how we ended up in Ulah Bistro. The weather was nice enough we could walk at least one way. We had the option of a drink at The Gibson or somewhere else along U Street on the way back.

Flash-fried calamari

Flash-fried calamari

Food was good, not great. It was bountiful and well-priced. The atmosphere was casual and cool, without trying too hard. The service, well, that was the only downside. It was nice and friendly, but not the most efficient. For example, our server never told us the specials, which included a cassoulet, one of G’s favorites. And I had to wave her down for a second glass of wine. Minor inconveniences.

Our entrees were so filling, we skipped dessert and post-dinner drink. We enjoyed – and needed – the stroll home along U Street. The brisk evening air helped revive us, and we decided we should be walking to U Street more often to check out the bistros and casual dining places..

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