Terrific Low Country Cuisine at Charleston’s Magnolias

Wrought iron magnolias

Wrought iron and painted magnolias

We went to Tony & Joe’s on the Georgetown waterfront today after running errands in the area. I got my usual, the always-good crabcake sanndwich, but G ordered shrimp and grits …

Which reminded me of a colleague who went to Charleston and sampled shrimp and grits at every restaurant he tried. Conclusion? Magnolias, hands down … Which reminded me …

When we were in Charleston earlier this month, I  too was tempted to order shrimp and grits at Magnolias. but went in another direction: low country eggrolls. What a concept and how terribly touristy, inauthentic.  But our server sold me, it’s the picture on the cover of the Magnolias cookbook.

My conclusion? Like eggrolls, but different. Unexpected ingredients and flavors. Spicy mustard sauce and a tangy, tart orange sauce. Real, authentic Southern-Asian fusion.

Low Country Eggrolls

Low Country Eggrolls

Magnolia's boulliabase

Magnolias bouilliabaise

There were so many tempting choices for my main … and I chose the bouillabaisse which was excellent. Our server recommended a riesling pairing, which was a good call.

For dessert, which I didn’t really need, we split a cinnamon bun bread pudding. I had a bite and then G pretty much scraped up the rest.

Cinnamon bun bread pudding

Cinnamon bun bread pudding

Lunch did not disappoint. It was excellent and filling. And I didn’t even have the shrimp and grits … but must remember to try that next time.

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