Ah Caps, Off to Sluggish Start

I hoped that my first Caps game of the year would be our first win of the year. Didn’t happen. In fact, we only narrowly avoided a shutout. And we were in for a rough start. Still it’s  good to get hockey season on its way.

It took some getting used to seeing Adam Oates behind the bench. I bet he feels the same way. And who are these new guys? And where do they play? More important, where *should* they play?

Wolski, I like. He seems to play hard. And he’s cute. Same goes for Crabb. Great name, too.

A bunch of the young guys grew their hair out. It looks terrible on Carly – he has more shoulder-length blonde locks than I do. I might have to retire his jersey. That and giving up two goals the first two games from the exact same spot …

Now MJ90, I like his longer locks and his sexy new goatee. He just needs to pick up his play on the ice and make better decisions … Just.

Despite the problems on the ice and the lack of oomph, it was nice to get back in the groove. I saw my favorite beer vendor, standing in her usual place, freezing right in front of the F Street entrance. Funny thing was, she recognized me, too: “I was wondering if you’d be back,” she said.

I was hoping my neighbor would be back, but he either gave his tickets away or sold them. He introduced himself before, but I can never remember his name. Big guy, with flowing dark wavy hair and he can put away food – a whole box of popcorn or a plate of nachos. His mother, sometimes his guest, has steely gray hair. Must have great genes in that family … What a character, and I hope to see him next game.

Sadly, the annoying kvetcher behind us is back. He used to be a whiny kid, who’s grown up into a high school know-it-all who doesn’t know anything about hockey. The worst is him and his father, the two of them together. Talk about bad genes.

Yeah, it’s good to be back with the Caps.

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