It’s Starting to Feel Like Inauguration

Is a second Inauguration like a second wedding? Been there, done that. Expectations much lower. Celebratory mood dampened. I guess it is. But then there’s the excitement of the big day just before it happens, and no matter how big a cynic, you can’t help but get excited by a good party, right?

We were lucky to have a beautiful, sunny day on Sunday. The weather gods having smiled on us. As I walked around Dupont Circle, my phone showed 61 degrees, and it certainly felt that way in the sun. People were out in Dupont Circle with their dogs and coffees, chatting and mingling. Tons of cops on the street corners, too, mostly hanging out with their coffees and chattering. And the shops and restaurants around the Circle were doing a brisk business as well, particularly along Connecticut Avenue:

  • Proper Topper was filled with chattering 20 and 30-somethings looking for statement jewelry, accessories and gifts;
  • Betsy Fisher featured a woman trying on gowns, while her husband sat in the corner appraising her looks and sipping from the complimentary bottled water;
  • DGS, the recently-opened Jewish deli, had a crowd of 10 yuppies and urban hipsters loitering outside, waiting for their tables
  • Luna Grill & Diner next door had the same

Washington was coming to life for the Inauguration … on the eve of the party.

This morning, few cars on the streets and absolutely no copies of the Washington Post to be found at any of the boxes. Finally, we went to Starbucks where they had several copies left. I had my $1.25 (they recently raised prices for the daily paper another quarter).

But lo and behold! She rang up $2.50 for the paper. But isn’t it $1.25? I asked? For today, we are charging $2.50. Ah. I guess everyone wants their piece of the Inauguration and Starbucks wants to profit as well. The downside of the celebration.

Happy Inauguration.

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