Couldn’t Get Into Husk, But Husk Bar = Fun Times

We tried to get into Husk – without success – but decided to stop by the bar to check it out. As in we got there right at 4 pm when the place opened.We hadn’t eaten since breakfast before our flight to Charleston, so we were eager to try the bar food … except we learned that the kitchen didn’t open until 5. {grumble – that was my stomach}

Husk bar

Bourbon on a very empty stomach. Snickering as snarky waiters mocked (other) pretentious tourists who were not so subtly try to snag a table at an oh-so-fully-booked Husk. Watching our bourbon experts tweak the (other) tourists for their obvious lack of bourbon knowledge. Meeting super nice retirees with shockingly retrograde political views. In other words, a fun time.

I started with a cocktail, a delicious whiskey-based drink with pear juice, bitters, a perfectly-shaped ice cube, along with a sprig of thyme.

With a drink in hand – or empty stomach – I decided to venture into the world of bourbons. Full disclosure, I don’t usually drink bourbon; I prefer scotch. I don’t know much about bourbon, but I described what I liked – floral, sweeter tasting bourbon, like Four Roses. Sweeter than Four Roses, asked the bartender skeptically. I guess not.

At least my description went better than the couple sitting next to G. The guy asked for “something different, something good, something not like anything I’ve ever had before.” Bartender replied: well, I don’t know what you’ve had, do I? Then he asked for price range.

Meanwhile, I became friends with the older couple sitting next to me. They lived in Florida now, but she was from Charleston. She said something about her many grandchildren and great-grandbabies. I simply remarked that she looked terrific (she did!). Her reply: Well, I’ve had some work done. Indeed.

It was finally past 5 pm at this point. While I was chatting, nibbling on friend pickles (yummy!) and sipping my small batch bourbon, G scarfed down a cheeseburger in like four bites. He offered me exactly one fry.

My new plastic surgery-enhanced friend asked where I was from, and when I replied Washington, DC, that started a whole other conversation.

Things there are a real mess. I sure hope you can get things in Washington straightened out, her husband said.

Absolutely, both sides need to work together to solve this country’s problems, I replied.

I’m sure that wasn’t the response he was looking for … Alas. The retired couple headed off to a 6 pm reservation – they got a cancellation when they called – and we stumbled back to our hotel for a nap before dinner at SNOB.

If drinks are this fun, can’t imagine what dinner there is like! (Note to self: book Husk early next trip to Charleston)

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2 Responses to Couldn’t Get Into Husk, But Husk Bar = Fun Times

  1. Teresa Bruce says:

    I’m sure your new friend told all her friends all about you, and that it went something like this. “We met the cutest ‘multicultural’ couple at the Husk Bar. I talked to the girl and the poor thing has to live in Washington DC – bless her heart.”

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