Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs!!

For the past few weeks – really since the MNF win over the Giants – my friends and I had been talking of the Redskins playoff hopes in whispers. Hushed tones so as not to tempt fate or disturb the sports powers that be. It’s been such a long, dry haul with laughable moments, coaches and seasons.

But now, it’s official: Playoffs. At home.

The last game against the Cowboys, though, was nerve wracking. Win and in, vs the Cowboys, how more perfect could it be? Then again, we had made plans to be in Charleston for New Year’s and with the time change to prime time, we were having dinner with friends, right during the game. Grr …  What’s a fan to do?

  • I wore my Redskins t-shirt under my sweater.
  • I checked the scores when I went to the ladies’ room.
  • I snuck a peek at my phone under the table when the waiter brought dessert.

We managed to catch the end and the win post-dinner, and I ran down my phone battery texting friends and liking Facebook posts. How else to share the victory with others from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away?

So, already 2013 is off to a good start. A short week and lots of anticipation – and planning – for the game on Sunday. Playoffs indeed!

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