Wishing I Had A Two-TV Thanksgiving

Clearly, the all-American thing is to have at least two cars – one for every driver in the family and then some – and as many TVs as you have adults + adolescents or maybe rooms. Alas, this one car, one TV household doesn’t miss the extra car or the extra TV(s) – nor the cost – except once every six years or so. And only for one specific occasion.

This year, the ‘Skins play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. We haven’t had a turkey day match up since … and I had to look this up … 2002. Let me tell you, this throws a serious monkey’s wrench into our traditional Thanksgiving celebration. Instead of eating at a random time – usually later in the day, like 5:30 or so, we have to more the entire schedule up, or risk missing the game in the final throes of cooking.

Ten years ago, I remember thinking seriously about buying a flip down TV, something I could mount underneath the cabinets in the kitchen. But even if I had been willing to spend the money – to buy something I might use once a year once a decade – and had the time to get it, how would I connect it to satellite? And so we did without.

In truth, we survived. But I wasn’t happy.

This year, the plan is to eat at 3:30 or 4 and listen to the opening minutes on Sirius NFL.

Of course, that means making sure the oven is actually on when you put the bird in, not merely still semi-on from the apple pie. Not sure what happened, but looks like we’re 90 minutes behind and will be hoping to time dinner with halftime. Sigh. So goes this loyal Redskins fan this Thanksgiving.

More importantly, I’m hoping last week’s win vs. the Eagles was not an anomoly. I guess we’ll know soon enough … before Thanksgiving dinner.

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2 Responses to Wishing I Had A Two-TV Thanksgiving

  1. Let me explain something. We’re in Wisconsin, with a 3 TV per floor house, all playing pretty much the same thing, with a weirdly disconcerting audio delay that means your left ear hears an echo of what your right ear does, even when they’re all on the same channel. Regardless, when your team gets spanked like the Packers last night, you wish television had never been invented.

  2. audsanns says:

    Yeah, that was harsh. Was rooting for Pack over G-men of course. Now they are looking tough for Monday Night. Of course, we were *thankful* for ‘Skins win over Dallas …

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