Do I Miss Hockey? Yeah … And No

Are you in withdrawal? How are you handling no hockey? What do you think is going to happen with the season?

I hate to answer those questions, because in reality, I don’t miss hockey. Not really. I’ve been so busy this fall, I’m almost thankful there’s no Caps season. I know, it’s sacrilege, right? I mean, I *love* hockey and I * love* the Caps. And I was looking forward to another Winter Classic – in a sick sort of way  …

Fact: it’s been a hugely busy fall, insanely so.

Fact: the Redskins are “good” or at least exciting to watch. So yeah, Shanahan is 5-15 at Fedex Field … uck … but RGIII is exciting to watch and there’s hope … which we haven’t had in a decade, really.

Fact or more like conjecture: is this why I have more money because I’m not grabbing food at Legal’s or Graffiato and then buying beers at Verizon Center?

Sure, that may all be true, but I miss the built in occasions to get together and catch up with friends. I mean, it’s easier to say, let’s go see the Caps and bond over our team than make time to do something we both (might) enjoy.

I miss the weirdo hockey community, the fellow fans who obsess over the starting lines and whether Ovi is injured or just over the hill (answer: NOT over the hill, just in a rut).

What’s this fan to do? Carry on through the holidays and see what happens in the new year. I hope the season starts in January. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure, maybe I’ll start making dinner – or theater – plans with my friends.

In other words, NHL powers that be, settle soon before you lose the fans.

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