Boundary Road in Capitol Hill – Or Is It H Street – A Neighborhood Gem

Although I love the idea of the H Street corridor, I think it’s easier – and faster – to get to the ‘burbs and back than to get to H Street. Of course, that’s also a sign that I’m getting (ahem) old: convenience factors into the equation and may counterbalance hipness …

That said, we try to wander out to H Street every now and then, if for no other reason than to mark the continuing transformation. That and beat ourselves up for not buying up that empty lot we saw a few years back. As if it were all that easy!

Boundary Road is right across the bridge, a stone’s throw from Union Station and all the condo buildings that have come up over there. In fact, I had recently walked along that area for a client meeting and marveled at the new change. New apartment buildings that looked very inviting, coffee shops and small restaurants, all what Dupont had been before being taken over by chains and yuppified to the Nth degree.

The restaurant itself had a warm and inviting vibe. There were couples out for dinner, groups grabbing food, a lively bar. I was probably a bit more “dressed” in cropped white pants and a tunic … I saw plenty of shorts and flip flops, but there was a range.

Some of G’s suburban friends had been there on a date night recently. Toddler had poo-pooed the charcuterie, but we decided to split a pate, prosciutto and cheese. Note to self: Toddler may know food, but he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to charcuterie. Both G and I marveled at the pate de compagne. I’m not sure who makes it, but it was delicious. It managed to be light, airy almost, while packed with meaty flavors and herbs and spices. I could have eaten the whole thing with a loaf of the roasted bread.

Good thing I didn’t. The main courses were good. G managed the last stuffed lamb loin:

Stuffed lamb loin – the last one of the night (!)

While I feasted on hanger steak with amazing flavors, mushrooms and asparagus

Hanger steak

And then a cab home. Not bad for a random weekend summer evening. It’s too bad Boundary Road isn’t closer, or we would be there more often. Still, it’s a good excuse to head back to east H Street.

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One Response to Boundary Road in Capitol Hill – Or Is It H Street – A Neighborhood Gem

  1. wow – the last time I went there was to stand in line at a drab DMV. Good things come to those who wait 🙂

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