Gordon Ramsey in LALA, a Great Welcome to the West Coast

I don’t think I had been to Los Angeles for fun in oh, 20 years, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lots of cars, lots of traffic, but also beaches, canyons and excellent food.

We had a late dinner at Gordon Ramsey after landing and checking in, but the 9 pm dinner was really a midnight meal. Very enjoyable all around, off to a good start with excellent drinks … mine an orange liquor, vodka and muddled jalepeno (yum – slow heat filling your mouth after each sip) … but we should have ended at the entrees. Instead, we pushed to dessert – which I can barely remember.

G faced a conundrum: what to order? Our server helpfully offered that she was always reluctant to recommend the fried chicken at a fine fining restaurant, but …


I went with the butter poached halibut …


But should have stopped there. The dessert was … odd. Of course, I was also nearly passed out. The berry sorbet was delicious. The green crust strange and the brulee just okay, and I like brulee (!).


Still, we had to wait for G’s double espresso. I wanted to stretch out on the bench and demand that he carry me home. After all, it was 1:30 am at home.

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