Golf, I Don’t Get It

Maybe it’s because I don’t play golf that I’m not interested in it. Then again it’s not like I play hockey or football and I love both!

I’m at the AT&T National at Congressional Country ClubCongressional Country Club in the posh DC suburb of Bethesda and … It’s beautiful, but hot … I still don’t see the appeal. People are lined up for the shuttles at 7 am … To walk around in the scorching heat and watch guys hit a golf ball? Again, I don’t get it.

It’s all about travel time – it’s a haul to get to parking, then a line for the shuttle, then a walk to wherever you want to go. And you don’t travel in straight lines either, it’s more like down the steep hill then around the lake and up the hill of death.

The only salvation lies in the air conditioned areas. If you’re so lucky as to have some type of hospitality pass, then it’s about mowing down the upscale buffet of roast beef, crab cakes and sushi and slurping down vodka drinks. Oh my! Then there’s ice cream and brownies. In other words, a feast of epic proportions.

So the choice: sun damage and heat exhaustion? Or constant influx of calories? Easy one. Seriously, What am I missing?

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