Creative Vegetarian in Berlin

Everything about Cookies Cream was stylish, edgy and hip. Starting with the location – only those in the know would venture into the service alley of the Westin Hotel off Friedrichstrasse in central Berlin, as in through the alley, past the dumpsters to the unmarked door. Then there were the black walls of the bar and rave club that you walk through to get to the restaurant. Finally the reward: amazing, creative vegetarian creations.

We had been warned about the location from the friend who recommended the place, and the photos on the homepage pretty clearly show how to get to the entrance. Even still, I couldn’t believe I was walking past dumpsters in an unmarked alley just to get to dinner.

Entrance to Cookies Cream

It was well worth it. The dishes were  beautifully presented, with fresh, flavorful ingredients and imaginative use of vegetables, grains, fruits, herbs and accents. And the hidden, in the know setting simply added to the allure.

Our starters were our favorites – burrata in a mozzerella bowl with bursts of herbs and accompaniments:

Burrata with accompaniments

And for G, garlic greens and poached egg, with the egg white on the side and the yolk, the base of a wonderful sauce. Even this egg yolk hater was looking lustfully at his dish:

Garlic greens with egg

The main dishes were not what we expected. Mine was a barley strudel, which I thought would be a strudel made of barley flour, not a fancy egg roll type pastry stuffed with barley and bits of vegetables, along with asparagus and morrels:

Barley strudel

G’s was the cabbage, but I challenge you to find the cabbage in his dish (hint: look closely at the pasta/dumpling type half circles …)


Dessert was good, although not as amazing as the other two courses. Of course, the bar had been set very high … and I’m not a dessert person (I know, heresy for many). Mine featured freeze-dried coconut ice cream particles on top of pineapple custard stuffed into a pastry shell, a melt-in-your-mouth concoction.

coconut and pineapple dessert

If we had been hipper, we would have stayed at the bar for a drink and to check out the scene. As it was, it was only 10:00 ish and real ravers would have been deep asleep still. And we’re just two vaguely jet lagged tourists. Instead, we headed off to Brandenburger Tor to see who else was enjoying the clear Spring evening.

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One Response to Creative Vegetarian in Berlin

  1. Okay we see the alley, but what about any interiors of the place? I’m still having a hard time picturing how dishes that look that good come from behind a dumpster.

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