Berlin – It’s the Place to Be

When I told people we were going to Berlin on vacation, here were the reactions: Where?!?!?!  Why?

And for some people: What will you eat? You’ll eat schnitzel and drink beer? (guffaw)

I’ll quote Frank Bruni here: sorry to disappoint, but I ate well in Berlin. Very well.

We did grilled bratwursts and beers at the Berlin Zoo, avant garde vegetarian, both traditional and upscale German, Asian fusion, nouveau French and modern Italian. Not one disappointing meal, although one disappointing dinner (more on that later – good food, but exceptional – as in exceptionally rude and poor – service).

Brandenburg Gate

The Internet age is a great thing – I was able to make reservations for most places via email or online before we left. For the few that required phone calls, well, thank you to the wonderful concierges at the Hotel Adlon. The one time there was a mixup – who knew May Day was a public holiday? – it was user error. As our concierge asked politely (in English, of course), “Madam, did you book this yourself?” Point received: don’t do it myself when I can ask the concierge desk at the Adlon. Lesson learned.

What did I really think of Berlin? It was just like other places in Europe, only it was so much easier – more efficient (insert morbid joke here) and everyone spoke English. Except for the old man at the Stasi Museum who looked like he might have been the ticket taker back then …

And it was relatively inexpensive. We lived and ate well, but those choices in say, Paris or London would have cost much more in Rome or Madrid, would have been subject to much more uncertainty …

Berlin is certainly the place to be.

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