What’s Sparking Ovechkin’s Turnaround? It Can Only Be His Woman

Despite proclaiming loudly and repeatedly that it would be better for the Caps to miss the playoffs this year – after all, what would be a bigger signal to management that they need to make *big* changes to get back on track … I find myself routing for the Caps to make the playoffs. Will they go far? Doubtful. But will it be a fun few games? Well, I’m certainly counting on that!

Key to the turnaround: Ovi. Whoa, where has this #8 been all year? Clearly, he’s back with a vengeance – nine goals in the past seven games. And playing with fire. What turned him around? All the fan complaining? The columnists and pundits? Probably not. But something had to spark this, well, spark. My theory: it’s his woman.

Back during the beginning of the slump, Ovi made it official: “She is my queen,” he tweeted of his girlfriend and tennis star, Maria Kirilenko.

So what happens when his queen notices her knight in shining armor doesn’t seem to be winning her tournament trophies? I mean, it worked in A Knight’s Tale, where first Jocelyn challenges our hero to lose to show that he loves her.

And so he does, lose.

Only, of course, after he’s proven her love, Jocelyn decides she doesn’t want a loser. So she tells him to win – even after he’s lost so many matches it’s almost impossible … and he does.

Seems familiar, no? That’s *my* theory. I mean, what woman wants a loser for her man.

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