Celebrating Ben Franklin’s Birthday with Deconstructed Desserts at America Eats

What I really enjoy about America Eats Tavern is the descriptions on the menu. Every dish has a story, an origin, a history. Who doesn’t want to try a punch that’s described as something that knocked out sailors from the Spanish American War for days on end? I’d love to head back for drinks from the Colonial Era or Roaring 20s and try the various fun concoctions on the menu.

On the other hand, the croaker dish was really rockfish and the mutton dish was lamb. As our dining companions joked, everything on the menu was really something else. That said, the food was very good, and the portion sizes were right – we were full, but not bursting at the gills. In other words, we left room for dessert.

Neither dessert looked quite the way we expected, but both were quite delicious. The key lime pie was piped onto the plate, with a side of crumble, topping and key lime air:

Key Lime Pie Deconstructed

The cheesecake was a light, whipped cheesecake, not at all a typical New York style cheesecake, surrounded by fresh raspberries and violets:

Whipped cheesecake with raspberries

Dessert, not usually one of my favorites, was an unexpected twist, a charming conclusion to the evening.

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