Sushi Taro’s Stylish Sushi Tasting

Our recent dinner at Sushi Taro was wonderful on so many levels. The sushi tasting was delicious. It was beautifully prepared and attentively served in a calm oasis away from all the annoyances that constitute modern life.

At the end of our meal, we felt rejuvenated and relaxed. We were full, but not ill. We had been fed and pampered for 2 1/2 hours by Sofy, our funny and personable server who brought G green tea because he was getting sick and complimented me on my highlights (okay, I admit it, flattery works). And we promised ourselves we would get back to Sushi Taro soon.

Amuse bouche: Sardines, fishcakes, shrimp & roe, kumquat

Who knew there were so many stylish variations of raw fish, or in this case shellfish:

Raw, sweet shrimp and fresh roe, newly in season

My favorite touch: a brush, for painting soy sauce onto our sushi. In other words, an elegant way for the restaurant to avoid patrons making the usual faux pas of dipping the rice part of sushi in the soy sauce. So tactile and what a wonderful way to individualize the experience. Not to mention bring out flavors (as opposed to allowing them to be drowned in soy).

Sushi palette

Additional courses of sushi, with some classics and others more unusual, all changing depending on the season and freshness:

Sushi courses

My favorite and G’s, too, the monkfish liver (far right), a sliver of slightly less rich foie gras over rice. Melted in my mouth with a wonderful, rich, velvety feel:

Sushi, with my new favorite: monkfish liver

A cooked (!) fish and shellfish course. Cooked, but equally excellent:

Grilled bronzini and scallop

Another cooked course! Cubes of duck and oyster in red miso sauce, tasting to me like a thicker, saltier version of a sauce for beef negamaki:

Duck and oysters in a red miso sauce

Back to sushi, including a creamy, foamy sea urchin (far right):


My personal selection of three seasonal sushi: toro (recommended by Sofy), oyster and a different preparation of monkfish liver, this one with the liver cut into smaller, thicker chunks (still delicious but not quite as subliminal as the first):

My choice of three seasonal sushi

The entire meal complemented by a crisp (not lemon-y) South African sauvignon blanc with lots of green flavors, finished with green tea and a light dessert. I’m feeling wistful just thinking about that meal.

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  1. Uhm…salivating here. Let’s go together next time we’re in DC for sure!

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