La Minette, Terrific French Bistro in Old City Philadelphia

We had a terrific dinner at Bistrot La Minette, probably the best of our Philadelphia getaway. In fact, I’m dying to go back (with others) to try the French family style meal.

My next visit, I will also try one of the specialty French cocktails – multiple flavors of Kir and Kir Royale style drinks, with options for sour cherry, raspberry and other splashes of fun. The bar area looked adorable, as well. It was small and cozy and looked like a great neighborhood hangout. In other words, similar to Bistrot du Coin in our neighborhood, but better food, stylish presentation, attentive, pleasant servers and a relaxed atmosphere …!

The food was quite good, nice takes on classic bistro food. I especially liked the presentation of my escargots in tiny individual pots with what G called “hats” on top, small rounds of crouton to help soak up the garlicky, herb juices at the bottom of each pot. They looked like little pots of lip color or eye shadows on a makeup counter. A presentation of food that evokes a classic French toilette, what could be better?

Escargot in individual green ceramic pots

The dessert, a mille feuille style Napolean, was wonderful. In fact, G remarked that the pastry chef must be outstanding because his puff pastry starter was delicious as well.

Puff pastry starter

We finished off the night was armagnacs and then went off into the bitterly windy winter evening, with happy memories of our wonderful dinner.

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