There’s Nothing Quite Like a Real Philadelphia Cheesesteak

Where can you get a good cheesesteak in DC? Surprisingly, it’s a question I’ve asked of fellow Quakers and others with Philadelphia connections who now reside in our nation’s capital. The answer is almost always the same: you can’t.

The one place that seems to get decent reviews is South Street Steaks. We went to the one in College Park as few times, it’s the best Philly cheesesteak DC has to offer, but it’s still a far cry from the real deal.

Where’s the mountain of meat, my former college housemate asked, when we went to check the place out.  You know, the mound of sliced beef that sits cooking on the grill. Never mind the industrial-sized bucket of whiz with the paint-stirrer type spatula to dole it out.

The grill at Jim's Steak on South Street in Philadelphia, complete with mountain of meat and bucket of whiz

Then there’s the bread. A soft roll that holds up to the steak and soaks up the grease.

Crates of Amoroso's bread at Jim's Steaks

And of course, the attitude of the servers.  And the cash only policy. Ahh, a real cheesesteak at Jim’s Steaks on South Street. Delicious and so good for you (not!).

I do miss Philadelphia sometimes … but my waistline could not handle the too-frequent return.

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