Grown Men in Dresses? Must Be Mummers Parade in Philly

The Hogettes are fun, but they have nothing on the Mummers. On New Year’s Day, we joined the throngs of people lining Broad Street to watch the parade. It was a super warm day, which made it very crowd friendly, and vendors were selling feather boas, goofy plush hats and vuvuzelas if you wanted to join in the fun.

2012 Mummers Parade: Comics

There was also plenty of open container drinking. My favorites? The guy who put his can of Bud Light inside a Starbucks coffee container and the couple who had Camelbacks. I’m guessing those weren’t filled with water.

Mummers parade up Broad Street

We only saw the Comics at the beginning, then came back to watch the tail end of the Strings. A fun time and great tradition. And a lot of queen-sized tights.

Fancy hat, or is that a parasol?

Gator fans

Celebrating the flapper

Strings at the Mummers parade

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