Sipping on the Sly

My cleaning lady is nipping from my wine. It’s absurd, I know. What a (gag) horrible problem to have. But it’s also true. The question is this: what – if anything – am I supposed to do about it?

On the (rare) occasion that we don’t finish a bottle of wine, we use a vacuum pump system to preserve the wine. It works well and keeps the wine fresh for another few days. Once it’s pumped, the wine is sealed, unless the stopper is released and the air let back in.

Of course, the system only works when users do as directed. In other words, when G or I forget to pump the wine, it does not keep. That’s also been known to happen.

However, a few months back, I noticed that a bottle of white wine I had pumped, was unsealed when I went to drink it. Now perhaps I had forgotten to pump it or perhaps G had forgotten (more likely). Sure. Didn’t think twice.

Until I noticed that the wines we (thought we) pumped were consistently unsealed on evenings after our cleaning lady had come by. I mentioned it to G – in case he was gaslighting me or playing a prank.

Perhaps she accidently releases the seal when she goes to move it, he suggested.

Fair enough. So last night, I pumped a half bottle of Castle Rock cabernet sauvignon and – in a twist – placed it in the refrigerator, where there’s no reason for our cleaning lady to touch it.  G is out of town, so it’s just me – unless the dogs figured out how to open the refrigerator, open it, take out the bottle of opened wine and then replace it ….

So when I got home, I reached into the fridge, and sure enough, the sealed bottle had been unsealed. The rest of the refrigerator was seemingly untouched (as in not cleaned or cleared out).

So what now? Do I say something? Umm, please don’t touch the open wine bottles? Or do I ignore it? Better yet, I should no longer leave half drunk bottles for her to nip.

Addendum: Last week, we marked the half drunk bottle – I know, why don’t we just finish the bottle already (!) – and sure enough, when we got home, the level in the wine was about an inch lower. I called our person this morning to let her know we knew she was drinking our wine and it had to stop. Her reaction? Total denial – what? who did that? what happened? When I explained the mark on the bottle, her response was this: I don’t know about that, but it was not me. My response: you were the only person in the house. Bottom line, I don’t want this to happen again. In the meantime, let me know if you have a recommendation for a cleaning lady in Dupont Circle. We’ll see next week, won’t we?

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One Response to Sipping on the Sly

  1. MC says:

    Time for a new cleaning lady. Try looking for one at the local AA meetings (they have to be good for something).

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